Victoria Cruise Lines: China & Yangtze

Victoria Cruises Imagine towering mountains and tranquil waters, dramatic sunsets and breathtaking sunrises. The Victoria Cruise lines sails the course of one of the most majestic rivers in the world- the Yangtze in China. With culinary landscapes which rival natural landscapes, finely decorated cabins, and festivities that educate and delight, the Victoria crew strive to make your journey a memory that will last a lifetime.

Victoria CuisineThe Victoria dining experience is reflective of China—an evolving culinary experience with a fusion of western dishes. Our passengers will taste the culture and traditions that are behind the dishes that are prepared with the freshest, highest quality ingredients, allowing natural flavors to emerge and stimulate the senses. Our award-winning dining experience offers three full servings a day. Fully-loaded Western and Chinese buffets greet passengers for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is served in the intimate setting of our Dynasty dining room a la Chinese- style.

Guest CabinsVictoria Cruise Lines offers daily practice of Tai Chi, promoting mental clarity and a healthy body. Tai Chi is offered early mornings to begin the journey and exploration of the third longest river in the world.

For those with interest in local culture, lectures are scheduled onboard to provide more insight on specific subjects in Chinese culture. Topics will include evolution of the Dam project and why the construction of the largest hydroelectric dam in the world is pertinent to Chinese civilization.

Chinese fashionWith a culture as diverse as China, fashion has changed immensely over the past couple hundred years. The crew will model the evolution of China fashion for costumes dating back to the Han Dynasty period (206 BC -220 AD to the present. Get ready to go through time as the crew presents some of the most elaborate designs in Chinese culture.

View from the CruiserOn-board Cabaret shows feature singing, dancing, and music. The cabaret show is also an opportunity for passengers to display and special talents they may have whether it be shaking a leg, or curling the tongue. This is a wonderful opportunity to unwind and enjoy the experience while cruising on the Yangtze with Victoria.

Interior LobbyTea times are special, with complimentary offerings that range from early bird coffee and tea to jumpstart the exciting adventures of the day, to mid-day tea and cookies in the afternoon to absorb the new sites. Happy hours are also available in the evening for a pre-dinner indulging.

Aboard the Victoria is a boutique featuring a wide array of gifts for family, friends or personal collections. You will find souvenirs from Yangtze destinations, clothing indigenous to the Orient, Victoria logo items, and more. There will be endless items for guests to see and purchase to make memories of their Yangtze voyage last a lifetime.

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