About our Package Prices

Our tour & cruise packages are a great value, because we negotiate very special wholesale rates with our suppliers based on volume purchases, which are far better than prices you could get on your own. But due to the variety of components in our packages and fluctuations in prices and inventory, the prices and availability of our packages are subject to change at any time and cannot be guaranteed until we receive full payment.*

To book a package, we only require a small deposit payment. After we receive your booking and deposit payment, we confirm your booking, including all prices and availability, within 1–2 business days. If upon confirmation, any option you selected is no longer available or any price has increased, you will have the option to cancel your booking and receive a refund of your deposit. (Your deposit is otherwise non-refundable.)

Although your space is guaranteed on our tour once you receive our confirmation of your booking, our package prices are not guaranteed until we receive your full and final payment*. That’s because until our suppliers receive payment, they reserve their right to increase their rates. In particular, airlines reserve the right to change fares, fees & fuel surcharges until tickets are issued, and government and airport taxes and fees may change as well. In the rare cases when this happens, our package prices must increase accordingly. (These price changes are usually fairly small, and we always let you know immediately.)

Of course, nobody likes surprises, and we make every effort to avoid them.  You can limit the possibility of price changes by making your final payment earlier than the final payment due date shown on your invoice.

On some packages that include flights, we offer a special PriceLock deposit option. You can lock in your airfare by paying the PriceLock deposit, vastly reducing the chance that the price of your package might change. Selecting this option doesn't increase the cost of your package, just how much you pay up-front. Learn more about PriceLock.

* - Foreign governments retain the right to institute new or increased taxes or fees at any time, on services within their countries. While sudden increases in taxes and fees on tours is not a frequent occurrence, such an increase means that even after you’ve paid for your package in full, you might still need to pay some additional fees if a new tax or service charge is instituted between the time you make your reservation and the time you travel. Friendly Planet has no control over any country’s government or their ability to impose such charges. Typically increases in taxes and fees tend to be modest and we do everything possible to limit such fees wherever we can. Friendly Planet will notify you of any such increases as soon as we are advised of them.

Questions about our pricing? Ask us for more details.

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