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Earning Commission with Friendly Planet

We want to earn your business! We pay commission on most of our scheduled Tours & Packages. Here's how:

  1. Register your agency using the form below.
  2. We'll verify your agency's IATA/CLIA number, address, etc.
  3. We'll notify you of your successful registration and send you our commission structure by email.
  4. You can make book your clients on our scheduled Tours & Packages, entering your IATA or CLIA # during the process.
  5. Your commission will be remitted 30–60 days after your client's travel is completed.

Private Custom Groups and FITs

You can also book private custom groups or FITs at our best-in-industry net rates. We do not pay commission or referral fees, but you can price your package with your desired markup and set your own commissions. Register below, then request a proposal. Or contact us to organize your package. For groups, contact Denise Barnes at 800-555-5765 ext. 203 or .

Fine Print

Commission rates vary by package; we'll send you a commission schedule once your agency is confirmed. We do not pay commission or referral fees on Biblical Journeys tours or private custom groups or FITs, or when you book any package with our Refer-A-Friend discount or any other promotional discount (with the exception of our instant savings discounts).

If you register and we cannot confirm your IATA/CLIA number or the agency information provided, you will not be able to earn commissions or make bookings. If you registered as you were making a booking, and we cannot confirm your agency, you will have the option to cancel that booking without penalty.

Questions? Call us or email .

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