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Located at the tip of the Indochina Peninsula, the Kingdom of Cambodia is waiting to be discovered! Still somewhat off the beaten path, in Cambodia, you'll enjoy smaller crowds and more bang for your buck than many other destinations. From the energetic streets of Siem Reap to the solemn site of the Tuol Sleng Museum, the stories of centuries past unfold before your eyes. Explore the 12th-century temples of Angkor Wat, where history and modernity blend seamlessly together. Witness monks journey to this sacred site for a religious pilgrimage, or stand in the same spot as the stars at Ta Prohm, where scenes from the movie Tomb Raider were filmed. Visit the National Museum, which houses thousands of ancient artifacts and Khmer sculptures. The building is a masterpiece in design, a terra-cotta structure with a colorful roof, spires, and jutting edges that point up to the sky.

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Small Group Tour A Taste of Thailand
The humming capital of Bangkok, historic Kanchanaburi & the River Kwai, plus ancient Ayutthaya; optional extensions to Angkor Wat & Phuket
from $2349 w/ Flights from $1549 Tour Only 10 days
per person, double occupancy*
Small Group Tour Best of Thailand
Bustling Bangkok, historic Kanchanaburi & ancient Ayutthaya, then explore the wild north in Chiang Rai & the Buddhist temples of Chiang Mai; optional extensions to Angkor Wat & Phuket
from $3699 w/ Flights from $2899 Tour Only 12 days
per person, double occupancy*
Small Group Tour Best of Vietnam & Cambodia
Wild & wonderful Hanoi, world-heritage Halong Bay, alluring Hue & historic Ho Chi Minh; plus Phnom Penh & the breathtaking temples of Angkor Wat; optional extension to Bangkok
from $4999 w/ Flights from $4199 Tour Only 17 days
per person, double occupancy*
Small Group Tour Ancient Capitals of Indochina
Sights, history & culture of three incredible countries: Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam plus deluxe overnight Halong Bay cruise; optional Bangkok extension
from $5599 w/ Flights from $4799 Tour Only 16 days
per person, double occupancy*

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  1. Phnom Penh 

    Royal Palace complex, Phnom PenhConveniently located where the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers meet, Cambodia’s capital city is an energetic cultural hub. Visit the Grand Palace, the home of the royal family. Admire the intricate architectural details of Throne Hall, with its massive gates and multiple doors, and learn their ceremonial functions. Venture to the Silver Pagoda, located adjacent to the palace and adorned with precious jewels and home to ancient artifacts that have been gifted to the royal family. Initially built in the 1800s and rebuilt in the early 1960s, it is one of the few temples to withstand the brutal Khmer Rouge regime.

  2. Lake Tonle Sap 

    Floating village, Lake Tonle SapLocated in Siem Reap, Lake Tonle Sap is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. The lake expands during the monsoon season and shrinks during the dry season. It’s not just a nice place to take a relaxing boat ride; it plays a vital role in the local economy. If you eat fish during your trip, odds are it came from this lake. Floating villages, complete with schools and shops, drift on its waters. A visit to the lake is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture.

  3. Siem Reap

    Siem Reap food stallsThis eclectic, charming city is the perfect place to get a taste (literally!) of the local lifestyle. Walk down narrow alleys, canopied with colorful banners overhead, as you sample cuisine from street stalls bursting with exotic flavors. Tempt your taste buds with locally produced Khmer wine, which comes in many flavors, from simple rice to bizarre scorpion-infused. Top it all off with a tuk-tuk ride through the city. 

  4. Angkor Wat

    Angkor WatNo trip to Cambodia is complete without a stop at its world-famous temple complex, Angkor Wat! Originally built as a Hindu temple for the god Vishnu, it was converted to a Buddhist temple in the 14th century. As a result, the temples that make up the complex are some of the most significant religious memorials in the world. Encompassed by a massive moat, 50 temples stretch across the park’s 402 acres. Ascend the steps into the complex, and stand in awe at the gigantic, intricately carved structures surrounding you. The extravagant details on the faces carved into the structures are astounding to see in person. Thanks to its rich history and culture, Angkor Wat was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

Fast Facts

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Capital: Phnom Penh
Population:  90.5 million
Currency: Cambodian riel (KHR)
Languages:  Khmer
Drives on the: Right
Time zone: GMT +7

Entry requirements Please see our Entry Requirements page.
Staying Healthy


Malaria is present in Cambodia. Take precautions against getting mosquito bites. Speak with your doctor about taking a prescription medicine (before, during, and after your trip) to prevent malaria.

CDC Malaria guidance: Cambodia


December and January are the best months for travel in Cambodia although it is still hot and humid. The months of November and February are tolerable. Stay away during the summer months of March through May, as the weather is extremely hot, and June through October is monsoon season.

What to wear

Please be sure to have respectable attire for visits to temples and religious sites—wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. Jungle exploring is more comfortable with covered legs! Since weather can be unpredictable anywhere in the world and to be sure you are comfortable during your trip and prepared for all types of weather possibilities, we suggest that you carry a small folding umbrella. If you have two pairs of comfortable (broken-in, not brand-new) walking shoes, consider taking both pairs. Plan to dress in layers, so you can adjust your wardrobe according to the weather conditions of the moment. Remember that comfort and convenience should dictate your wardrobe for the tour, and casual clothes are in order for most every occasion as you travel. All hotels provide laundry service for a small fee.   

Money & Credit Cards

The local currency in Cambodia is the riel. Hotels and some stores accept major credit cards. However, for “street shopping” you will need local currency or U.S. dollars. Your hotel will be able to exchange your cash for local currency. We highly recommend that you bring crisp, new bills in small denominations. Old, torn, crumpled bills are not always accepted. Traveler’s checks are not widely accepted in Cambodia. If you intend to use traveler’s checks, please verify that they are still accepted in the places visited in this program.

Always notify your bank prior to departure to avoid any problems using your credit or debit card while traveling.


Shop for replicas of Angkor's bas-reliefs and sculptures, carvings of wood and stone, naturally dyed silk called leak tomuhjeat, Cambodian music and instruments, and precious stones. Be prepared to bargain, which is best done with small U.S. bills which are accepted throughout the country.

You will certainly have time for shopping. Your guides will no doubt have some favorite shopping places, where the vendors are known, provide good quality merchandise and probably pay some sort of commission from sales to the guide. This should not surprise or offend you. This is how business is done throughout the world. But do beware when you shop, especially if you are buying jewelry or other valuable items. If you plan to buy jewelry or other expensive items, be sure to inspect the items before you leave the store. Most stores will not allow you to return or exchange purchased items.

Electricity & Power Adapters

230 volts. Plugs A & C. Some outlets are a combination of type A and C and can accept either type plug. Plug G may be found in some hotels. You will need a voltage converter and plug adapter in order to use U.S. appliances. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit.

Learn more about electrical standards around the world.

Cell Phones & Internet

Want to take your cell phone, tablet or laptop, but not sure how to get cell service or wifi? Read up on using your cell phone abroad and the top 5 ways to get Internet abroad.


Cameras and video recorders are permitted, and photography is generally permitted everywhere except at airports and military installations. Memory cards for digital cameras will be available in major cities. Bring an extra battery for your camera, as not every type of camera battery is always available as you travel.

Did you know?
  • A picture of Angkor Wat is on the Cambodian flag.
  • There’s no doubt that Angkor Wat is massive, but the numbers don’t lie! Between 5 – 10 million sandstone blocks, each weighing about 1 ½ tons, were used to build it! 
  • A popular street food you can find all over Cambodia is mystery meat – officially called Num Pang Pâté. It’s basically a variety of meats served on a baguette topped with vegetables.
  • The current of the Tonle Sap River changes direction when the seasons transition from monsoon to dry and vice versa.


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