Dear Friends,

Come and see! Jesus' invitation to his disciples is an invitation to us all—to journey in His footsteps on a pilgrimage to the Bible Lands.

For 20 years, my wife Jerri and I have organized and led Christian tours to Israel and the Bible Lands with Biblical Journeys by Friendly Planet. Each trip has brought us and our travel companions closer to God by witnessing the holy places that have shaped our faith. Now, as Program Directors at Biblical Journeys, we want to share our years of experience, insider tips, off-the-beaten track sites and much more with you.

Dave & Jerri McGarrah Whether you've never experienced the joy of pilgrimage or you're longing to take another trip, we're inviting you today to join us as a tour leader of your very own group or as a co-host on one of ours. We'll help you organize a meaningful and unforgettable journey that will deepen your knowledge and strengthen your faith. All it takes is a call or an email to get started planning your pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and we'll show you how easy and affordable such a journey can be for you and your group.


Dave and Jerri McGarrah
Program Directors

Why travel with us?


The trip was absolutely wonderful. Everything was so well planned and executed with such care.

Donald Neuberger, Sarasota, Florida

We enjoyed the sites we visited. Visiting places we'd read about in the Bible and seeing where they are located was extremely interesting. Hearing descriptive phrases compared to the geography or ruins made my limited knowledge more complete. Throughout the entire tour we were delighted with Dave and Jerri McGarrah. They watched out for us, were knowledgable, and kind. Gershan is an amazing tour guide. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Israel and surrounding countries, of Scripture, of history, and current affairs. He has a great sense of humor. He kept us on track and was always patient.

Kathy Cruthirds, Nampa, Idaho