M/S Koshevoi Cruiser

M/S KoshevoiThe M/S Koshevoi welcomes you aboard for a spectacular and scenic cruise from the Ukraine's national treasure, Kiev, to the port city of Odessa. You will delight in the immersion into the cultural and architectural delights of the rivers of the Ukraine.

SundeckThe most convenient and picturesque form of travel through the river region is by boat, and the M/S Koshevoi will make your journey memorable! Their guides and staff will provide for your needs with care to detail and a flair that is uniquely Ukrainian. From themed dinners featuring caviar and champagne, to language lessons, folklore entertainment with authentic costumes, and musical guests performing classical works, you will get a true taste of the region and the people.

Guest Cabins The M/S Koshevoi travels with a crew of 100 and a passenger maximum of 260. Cabins are 100-120 square feet, enjoy a view of the river, and feature radio, refrigerator, private bathroom, and shower. Cabins in lower decks have four beds and port holes for a beautiful view onto the rivers of the Ukraine.

Bon Apetit! Each morning, the Koshevoi features a delicious full breakfast buffet. Lunch is offered in 3 courses, and dinner is offered in 4 courses with an exploration of Ukrainian themes, special riverside barbecues, and caviar tasting! Dining aboard the Koshevoi is a cultural experience, not to mention an aesthetic and picturesque feast for all the senses.

Upper BarFollowing their promise to provide you with a true Ukrainian experience, their staff of entertainers consists of a team of 16 professional musicians and artists including the “Samovar” folklore group, virtuoso violinist Boris Gamus, virtuoso pianist Alexander Kolesnikov, and the Volga Trio. Each evening, they bring a different experience to entertainment, from the energetic to the elegant.

MusiciansAs a unique feature to guests, the M/S Koshevoi also offers language lessons, dance lessons, and lectures on life and art in the Ukraine. Optional activities will also be offered on board during the trip and can include ballet or circus performances.


Registry : Ukraine
Refurbished : 2001
Crew : 110 +
Total Decks : 5
V : 220
Length : 125 m
Speed : 25 km
Draft : 3 m (9 ft)
Width : 16.7 m

M/S Koshevoi Deck Plan