Cancellation Fees

Package: Borneo Adventure, Sep 2018 - May 2019

All cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellation fees vary by package; the schedule below applies to this package. Cancellation fees may change at any time, and your booking is subject to the fee schedule in effect at the time of booking. You are liable for the cancellation fees listed or any deposit(s) already paid, whichever is greater. However, cancellation fees shall not exceed the total price of your package. If you have already made payments in excess of your cancellation fee, we will refund you the difference. For more details, see the full terms & conditions for this package.

Name changes $50
Other changes $150
CANCELLATIONS (per person fees)
75+ days prior to departure $1,200
74–45 days prior to departure $1,600
44–30 days prior to departure $2,600
29–0 days prior to departure No Refund