Relate Project, South Africa

Support elderly workers while also funding three amazing non-profits in Africa

After a recent visit to the Cape Town headquarters of Relate by our Product Development Manager, Judy Poliva Katz, we fell in love with this 100% not-for-profit trust started by Lauren Gillis for a dual purpose. First, the creation of these beautiful handmade bracelets provides work opportunities for elderly people living in the townships of Cape Town—people who have very few job opportunities yet are often the sole supporters of their families. Second, money raised through the sale of the bracelets goes toward critical causes all over Africa such as child education and welfare, human and animals feeding, diseases treating, animal protection and clean water initiatives.

Every guest who travels with us on any of our African tours and safaris will receive a gift of a bracelet, purchased by the Friendly Planet Foundation. Additional bracelets are available for purchase by anyone wishing to bring home a great souvenir while sharing the love with family and friends at home. Our bracelets support three important causes that are close to our hearts:

Want to help? Buy your own Relate bracelets, choosing from dozens of non-profit projects to support with your purchase, and Relate will ship them to you.

Thank you for all you do.

Peggy M. Goldman
President, Friendly Planet Travel