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Published Sep 24, 2022
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Tasting indulgent dishes and delicacies unique to each region worldwide is arguably one of the best parts of travel. Each bite of local cuisine is a cultural journey on its own as you learn about the flavors and passion dedicated to each plate. No matter where you wander, there is no shortage of incredible dining experiences awaiting you.
Vietnamese Street Food
Hanoi Foodie Tour
Dive into the best of Hanoi's gastronomy through a delectable foodie tour, taking your taste buds on a journey to sample the city's best food. Begin at a popular local market to peruse aisles of fresh produce, spices, herbs, and more. Then, wander the narrow streets for local snacks, including fresh spring rolls, crispy pancakes, and Hanoi bun cha (grilled pork, rice noodles, and veggies in a yummy broth). End your tasty day with traditional sweet cakes or fresh fruit in coconut milk.

Featured on Ancient Capitals of Indochina
Ropa Vieja
Traditional Cuban cooking class
Learn the secrets of the Cuban kitchen at a traditional Cuban cooking class! Meet the staff of the paladar Café Ajiaco, who will take you on your culinary journey. Stop at the paladar's "organopónico" to see where their ingredients are grown, then pick some for yourself to help enhance your dishes. Learn from the chefs as they demonstrate preparing some of Cuba's most delicious traditional food. In addition, you'll learn the secrets of preparing (and then enjoying) an authentic Cuban mojito.

Featured on Authentic Havana
Slicing Truffles
The Zigante Truffle
Enjoy the rare opportunity to sample one of Istria's greatest treasures, the Zigante truffle. Istria is well-known for its culinary contributions to the region, and for good reason. Taste the rare and exotic truffles that grow wild and are collected by skilled truffle hunters, sometimes assisted by a dog (or even a pig!) to help locate these delicate and delicious mushrooms.

Featured on Discover Croatia
Preparing Curry
Chiang Mai Cooking Experience
There's nothing quite like Thai cuisine, and it's even tastier when prepared yourself! Join a local family in Chiang Mai for an interactive cooking experience, from sourcing ingredients from their garden to tying on an apron and getting to work! The family will share their recipes and demonstrate the traditional techniques to prepare delicious northern Thai dishes. Share stories of food and family while cooking lunch, and afterward, savor the tasty meal you've helped to create.

Featured on Best of Thailand
Carmel Market Spices
Carmel Market & Vegan Tour
Experience a fascinating variety of culinary riches in Israel, where colorful spices, flavors, and scents of the Carmel Market combine with the bustling atmosphere of the city’s central market. Or, discover why Tel Aviv is the #1 vegan destination in the world, where innovative young chefs prepare traditional vegan and vegetarian ingredients to create one-of-a-kind delicious foods.

Featured on Discover Israel
Bo-Kaap Melting Pot Tour
Discover the rich heritage, culture, and cuisine of the Cape Malay people. Step into an aromatic spice shop to learn about the origins of the spices before visiting a Cape Malay home to cook an authentic pot of curry, fold a spicy samosa, and knead, spin, and roll a perfectly flaky roti. Enjoy tasting your delicacies together with your host as a delicious finale to your cooking lesson.

Featured on Highlights of Southern Africa
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