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The Friendly Planet Newsletter

Published Apr 1, 2020
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Travel with your Tastebuds
From the delicious aroma of Pad Thai wafting through the air to the satisfaction of biting into fresh, homemade pizza inspired by Italy, experiencing foreign cuisine is one of the greater pleasures and rewards of travel. Until we're able to travel our friendly planet again and experience the wonders of international cuisine, tie on your apron and take a look at some of our favorite dishes from around the world. We hope you're all staying safe and healthy!
Margherita Pizza
Picture yourself sitting outside a cafe on the streets of Italy as you savor every bite.
Peruvian Ceviche
Daydream about South American travels as you enjoy this refreshing local favorite.
Pad Thai
Take your taste buds on an exotic trip to Thailand with this easy Pad Thai recipe!
Spanish Paella
Try your hand at one of the best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine.
Fan Photo: Amazing Peru
Staff Feature:
Larissa, Marketing Associate
Q: What food from your adventures do you cook at home?

A: I absolutely LOVE whipping up some delicious Pad Thai in my kitchen. It brings me right back to walking the bustling streets of Bangkok, or enjoying this dish overlooking rice paddies in Chiang Mai!