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Changing or Customizing Your Trip

Our travelers love our tours and packages, but that doesn't mean one size fits all. Want to depart from a different city? Stay a few extra days? Add an extra stop? Take two tours, back-to-back? With most of our packages, it's no problem, and we're happy to oblige. You can request a change when you book online, in the special requests section. Or complete your booking and then contact us as soon as possible about the change you'd like to make. If it's possible, we'll promptly let you know the price and availability.

Once we get back to you with a quote, it's only valid for a limited time, and you should respond as soon as possible (and no later than the date on the quote). Prices and availability change frequently, and until we receive your confirmation, we can't guarantee space or price.

Depending on the change, a per-person fee may apply (see below), included in your quote. This ensures the same careful research and planning that we put into building our packages. If your change requires additional costs or fees for airfare, extra hotel nights, extra transfers, etc., your quote will include those too.*

CHANGES (per person fees*)
Airline seat upgrades (e.g. business class) Difference in airfare
Changes to departure/return airports Difference in airfare (plus any additional transfers or hotels, if necessary)
Early departures/late returns $100 + Any additional costs or fees for airfare, hotels, transfers, etc.
Most other changes $150 +
Changes less than 75 days prior to departure Generally not allowed

Want to make even bigger changes to one of our packages, or create your own custom tour? Check out our Private, Custom & Group Travel options.

* The Fine Print about Changes & Customizations: Fees listed above are for changes prior to final payment and/or airline tickets being issued. For this package, we generally issue tickets for your flights after we receive your final payment, though in some cases, we may need to do it sooner. Any change affecting flights requested after we've issued your tickets may incur change fees assessed by the airline or require the purchase of new airfare. Once a change has been requested and confirmed, it is subject to the same cancellation policy that applies to your package. Please see the terms & conditions for your package for more information and a complete fee schedule.