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Top 10 Must-Haves for International Travel

You probably have your own personal list of travel musts-haves—items that you always want with you when going on a trip. Mine include a travel packet of wipes, moisturizer with sun screen, essential meds plus prescriptions just in case, and my international service-enabled cell phone plus charger. There are other items on my list, but these items always go into my carry-on bag first.

But there are also items that should be included on every traveler’s list, no matter who you are or where you’re going. Similarly, there are certain items that, for the most part, aren’t worth the space they take up in your suitcase.

Here's our list of top 10 must-haves for international travel. Also check out our list of items that you can afford to leave at home.

1 Medication

You should always carry all of your prescription medication in your carry-on bag, not in your checked luggage. I find the containers that are marked with the days of the week to be the most helpful. Fill them up so that you have all the pills you need per day in each little container. If you need more than a week’s worth, fill up a second container. Ziplock bags make for perfect storage for these handy containers. If one of the compartments should open, the pills fall harmlessly into the plastic bag, safe and clean. Also, I recommend carrying a small assortment of other medication, including those to treat a cold, sore throat, or upset stomach. Even if you’re not sick when you leave, it’s better to have medication with you should something happen while away.

2 Photocopies of your passport

It’s never fun to lose your passport, but the experience can be somewhat less frustrating if you keep a paper copy of it with you. You won’t be able to use the copy to get through security, but it will be very helpful when you go to the closest U.S. consulate to get a new one. Just be sure to keep the copy somewhere separate from your real passport, so you have less of a chance of losing both!

3 Eyewear

Here is where it pays to exaggerate. If you wear contacts, remember contact lens solution, a case or two, and plenty of spare lenses should you rip or lose your primary pair. If you wear glasses, pack a back-up pair as well as a small eyeglass repair kit, which can be found in most drugstores and supermarkets. Finally, even if you have perfect vision, be sure to pack sunglasses to protect your eyes.

4 Phone charger

Unless you have an international plan for your cell phone, you probably won’t be able to make calls for the majority of your trip. But many of us use our phones as our camera or music player, so be sure to bring along your charger. Even if your family and friends are already on your phone contact list, it’s helpful to tuck a paper list of family and friends’ telephone numbers in with your other travel documents so you (or others) can contact them if necessary.

5 Inflatable neck pillow

Inflatable neck pillows are handy to have on a long flight or bus rides. Just blow them up and settle in for a light snooze, then deflate them for easy transportation in your purse or bag. They can help you feel refreshed and avoid neck pain that can put a damper on your vacation.

6 Space-saver bags

These bags can help you better organize and pack your suitcase. However, I don’t recommend purchasing bags that require a vacuum (who wants to lug a vacuum on vacation?!). Instead stick to the ones that let you roll the air out of them. Also, being able to fit more in your suitcase doesn’t necessarily mean you can pack more because you still have to comply with airline weight limits. The idea of these ingenious little bags is to conserve space so you can carry a smaller suitcase or even get away with just a carry-on bag. If you’re taking a piece of luggage that will be checked, be sure to throw your suitcase on the scale before you leave for the airport to ensure you won’t have to pay extra fees for an overweight bag.

7 Ear plugs

Who would guess that these small items would be such a lifesaver while traveling? They’re an absolute must-have and can be used almost anywhere – from the plane to the hotel to the bus you’ll probably be traveling on. I always carry extra earplugs as well in case my seatmate needs a pair — it’s a great way to make friends on a noisy plane or bus ride.

8 Your camera and accessories

Toting your camera, charger or batteries, and extra memory cards is necessary for collecting ample photo documentation of your trip. The extra memory cards are an absolute must, because they take up very little space physically, yet allow you to capture so many memories that you’ll treasure for years to come.

9 Voltage converter and plug adapter

To plug your phone or camera charger in overseas, you’ll need a voltage converter and plug adapter to work in their outlets. You can pick up a good converter kit at an electronics store or on A good model will cost about $25 or less, so it’s definitely worth the investment, and new versions are compact and easy to pack.

10 Poncho or travel umbrella

This suggestion is especially relevant for those who plan on taking excursions, such as sightseeing, hiking, or biking, during their trip. Packing a poncho or travel umbrella could end up being a lifesaver if you encounter bad weather but still want to enjoy the great outdoors. You can pick up a very lightweight but effective plastic poncho at any dollar store for, you guessed it, a dollar!

We hope you keep this packing list handy for your next international vacation. By the same token, there are also some items that are unnecessary to take with you when traveling overseas.

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