Tucked between India and Tibet and hidden among the towering Himalayas, Bhutan packs a lot within its 14,000 square miles! Photographers will fall in love with the small Buddhist-country’s abundant wildlife, ancient architecture, and striking landscapes. Imagine snow-capped peaks, a scene of serene yaks grazing in mountain meadows, or the graceful flight of a black-necked crane against the stark white sky. Others will feel at peace among the various dzongs (fortress Buddhist monasteries) as they climb high into the mountains to experience the solitude, reverence, and peace that centuries of monks have sought out. And every visitor to Bhutan will be delighted by the elaborate tsuches (religious festivals) held throughout the year – complete with colorfully masked dancers, drums, and large crowds of gathered locals.  

Today, independent travel to Bhutan is restricted, and group travel arranged through a state-licensed office  is the only way to visit -- making this real-life Shangri-la nearly as elusive as the revered snow leopard that lives here.

Fast Facts

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Entry requirements

U.S. citizens must have a passport which is valid for at least six months after your arrival date.

U.S. passport holders must have a visa for entry into Bhutan, which must be obtained through a licensed tour operator such as Friendly Planet. Consult a Bhutan Embassy or the U.S. Dept. of State website for more information.

Booked on one of our packages with Scheduled Dates? We will pre-arrange your travel visa, and the visa fee is included in your tour price. Please send the following to

  1. A scanned color copy of the signature and picture pages of your passport
  2. A scanned color copy of a recent passport size photo in order to process your Bhutan visa

More information about passports & visas.


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Small Group Tour Beautiful Bhutan
Bustling Bangkok & the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan; Paro, the sleepy capital Thimpu, Punakha, Trongsa, Bumthang, Unique Festivals & Taktsang Monastery
$5599 w/ Flights $5099 Tour Only 15 days
per person, double occupancy*
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