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To protect your travel investment, we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance. We have negotiated special wholesale plans through our partner, ASSIST-CARD, starting at only $99 per person (depending on trip cost). Coverage is available to all travelers up to age 85, regardless of nationality or pre-existing conditions.

Our insurance policies must be purchased before or at the time of final payment and are non-refundable. After we receive your final payment, our travel insurance policies will no longer be available for purchase. To take full advantage of this comprehensive travel protection plan, we recommend purchasing the insurance at the time of booking, which ensures your deposit will be covered, and gives you the additional benefit of a free pre-existing condition waiver.


Primary Policy: Benefits includes coverage for trip cancellation, interruption or delays; medical emergencies and evacuation; lost or delayed baggage; missed connections; and even connecting flights not purchased through Friendly Planet. See coverage details below.

Primary Plus Policy: This new level of coverage includes all the benefits above, plus an exciting new feature: you can cancel your travel purchase for any reason and be reimbursed up to 75% of any payments which are normally non-refundable! See details on this new benefit below.


Unlike expensive retail travel insurance plans that price coverage according to traveler characteristics, our travel insurance policies cost the same for all travelers, regardless of pre-existing conditions or trip duration. The cost of coverage is determined only by the total trip cost per person. Total trip cost includes total travel expenses paid to Friendly Planet, excluding any discounts, plus the cost of any connecting flights not purchased through Friendly Planet.

Per-person policy prices:

Total trip cost Primary Policy Primary Plus Policy
including Cancel for
Any Reason coverage
$0 – $1,500.00 $99 $169
$1,500.01 – $5,000.00 $139 $219
$5,000.01– $7,500.00 $169 $289
$7,500.01 – $10,000.00 $199 $349

If you wish to add insurance coverage to your booking or if you need to change your coverage before making your final payment, please call us at 1-800-555-5765.


Below is a brief description of the benefits and travel services provided with our insurance policies. Additional benefits, exclusions and limitations apply. You will receive complete details in your confirmation email. To view a specimen policy for your state, including terms & conditions, please view the PDFsummary of coverage. In witness whereof American Modern Home Insurance Company has caused this Policy to be signed by its President and Secretary, at Amelia, Ohio.

TRIP DELAY: Reimburses additional expenses incurred by you for hotel accommodations and meals if you are delayed 6 hours or more. Covers up to $150 of expenses per day for up to 5 days. Does not reimburse for expenses incurred after travel becomes possible.

TRIP CANCELLATION & INTERRUPTION: Covers payments up to the total trip cost for cancellation prior to departure, or trip interruption after departure, in the event of covered sickness, accidental injury or death, a strike that causes complete cessation of services, weather conditions at the departure site which causes complete cessation of services, a terrorist incident, being terminated or laid off from employment, and more. Please see your PDFsummary of coverage for a complete list of triggers.

CONNECTING FLIGHTS: Reimburses up to total cost of connecting flights not purchased through Friendly Planet if you cancel these flight arrangements for a covered reason. If you book (or plan to book) connecting flights through a vendor other than Friendly Planet, be sure to contact us before making your final payment so that we can include the cost of these flights in your coverage.

BAGGAGE & PERSONAL EFFECTS: Covers up to $1,000 for loss, damage or destruction.

BAGGAGE DELAY: Covers purchases, clothing, etc., up to $250 if baggage is delayed 24 hours or more.

24-HOUR TRAVEL ASSISTANCE: 24-hour hotline (toll-free in the U.S. & Canada) to provide help and legal assistance for medical and legal emergencies.

CONCIERGE & ASSISTANCE: Extended personal service for lost luggage tracking, event ticketing, language services, destination profiles, pre-trip services & more.

CASHLESS MEDICAL: Up to $25,000 on Emergency Sickness & $25,000 on Emergency Accident. CASHLESS emergency medical benefits give you the ability to avoid paying money out-of-pocket & post-trip claim forms when covered incidents arise. We will also help to arrange your visit (and transportation, if needed) to a hospital, urgent care center, physician, or specialist.

EMERGENCY EVACUATION & REPATRIATION: Covers up to $100,000 for Emergency Evacuation & $50,000 on Repatriation. Covers costs of transportation from the place where you are sick or injured to the nearest hospital, or to the United States if your medical condition warrants (or upon death).

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION EXCLUSION WAIVER: The pre-existing condition exclusion will be waived at no additional cost provided that you purchase the insurance from us within 14 days of making the initial deposit payment for your trip, and you are not disabled from travel at the time you pay your plan cost. We recommend purchasing travel insurance at the time of reservation in order to take advantage of this excellent benefit.

CANCEL FOR ANY REASON (Primary Plus Policy): This wonderful new option to our insurance coverage allows you to cancel your tour package up to 48 hours prior to departure for ANY REASON, including those not normally covered by our Primary Policy, and receive reimbursement for up to 75% of all payments, including ones that are normally non-refundable, less the cost of the insurance.

Examples of when you could benefit from this enhanced coverage:

How does it work?

  1. The Primary Plus Policy with Cancel for Any Reason option must be chosen and paid for at the time of booking. It cannot be added after your reservation has been completed.
  2. If you have to cancel your reservation, contact us at least 48 hours prior to departure. (If you simply don't show up for your tour, you will not be covered.)
  3. If you are cancelling for a reason normally covered by our Primary Policy, you are eligible for complete reimbursement of all refundable payments up to the maximum benefit.
  4. If you are cancelling for any reason not covered by our Primary Policy, will we process any refunds applicable under our Primary Policy, and then ASSIST-CARD will refund you the rest, up to 75% of all payments (including non-refundable ones), less the cost of the insurance, up to the maximum benefit.
  5. All other terms and conditions of the policy are exactly the same as the Primary Policy, and all premiums are non-refundable regardless of which plan you select.

Claims or Assistance

For questions or help prior to travel, call ASSIST-CARD at 1-888-376-1004.
For assistance during or after travel, call ASSIST-CARD at 1-866-978-4704 (24 hours a day).