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Travel Insurance
Cuba Tour Packages

NOTE: This coverage is available to Cuba programs purchased May 31, 2012 or before. For insurance for Cuba programs purchased June 1, 2012 or later, please see our standard insurance program.

We strongly encourage all of our travelers to protect their travel investment from unexpected circumstances. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to purchase coverage from Access America for our Cuba tour programs.

If you require Friendly Planet's license number to purchase your insurance, that number is CT-2012-295959-1 for packages traveling September 30, 2012 and beyond.

This insurance plan provides protection for cancellation due to covered reasons, trip interruption, emergency medical expenses, baggage loss and much more. A description of all coverages is shown below. If you purchase this coverage within 14 days of booking your travel arrangements, you are eligible to receive additional benefits such as Existing Medical Conditions coverage, Supplier default coverage and BizPack business-related cancellation coverage. (Other conditions, restrictions and exclusions may apply to these benefits.)


Benefits* Coverage Limit
Trip Cancellation Up To Amount Purchased (1)
Trip Interruption Up To 150% of Amount Purchased (2)
Emergency Medical/Dental $25,000
Emergency Medical Transportation $500,000
Baggage Loss/Damage $1,000
Baggage Delay $300
Travel Delay $500
Missed Connection $500
Collision Loss/Damage (optional) primary $35,000
24-Hour Hotline Assistance Included
BizPack Expanded Coverage Optional

* Benefits are per person. All insureds must purchase the same plan.
1) Maximum coverage available is $50,000.
2) Maximum coverage available is $75,000.

The information above an overview of the highlights of the policy. It is not intended to be a comprehensive, fully inclusive description. If you have questions about a specific personal situation, please contact Access America at 1-800-586-8460. PDFFull policy details


  • An Access America ID card for quick access to emergency assistance
  • Free coverage for children 17 and under when accompanied by their parents or grandparents
  • Optional BizPack coverage if the traveler is required to work
  • Coverage if the destination is uninhabitable, or if the travelers have legally separated or divorced
  • Generous baggage delay coverage
  • Higher coverage limits for Trip Cancellation/Interruption and Existing Medical Conditions

How do I know how much insurance to purchase?

Before purchasing Travel Insurance, you should first determine how much insurance you should purchase. This policy is based on 2 factors; the age of the insured at the time of travel and total cost of the travel program being insured.

For example, a traveller 30 years of age taking a trip with a value of $2000 can secure all of the coverage shown above for only $77. That same traveller would pay $151 for a trip valued at $4000.

Total the cost of all of the trip components you are purchasing: Airfare, hotels, car rentals etc.
(If you purchased a Build-Your-Own Vacation cruise of 5-nights or longer from Friendly Planet, you do not need to add in that cost as the cruise includes insurance coverage at no additional cost.)

Once you have the total cost of your trip, proceed to the Insurance Purchase Page and follow the instructions. Access America will forward you all of the necessary information regarding the policy being purchased.

Existing Medical Conditions Exclusions & Coverage:

Your plan may provide Existing Medical Conditions Coverage if you, a traveling companion or family member has an Existing Medical Condition. An Existing Medical Condition is an illness or injury that exhibited symptoms or was treated for any time 120 days prior to purchasing this plan.

Coverage for an Existing Medical Condition is excluded unless:

  1. You purchase your coverage within 14 days of making your first trip payment or first trip deposit
  2. You purchased coverage that covers the full cost of all non-refundable trip components
  3. You are a U.S. resident and are medically able to travel on the day you purchase the coverage
  4. The total cost of your trip is $20,000 per person or less.
  5. All other contract terms and conditions apply.

Supplier Default Coverage:

Supplier Default coverage covers situations where a carrier, cruise line, tour operator or other travel entity goes into financial default.

Supplier Default coverage is provided when:

  1. You purchase your coverage within 14 days of making your first trip payment or first trip deposit
  2. The financial default occurs more than 7 days after the plan's effective date
  3. The travel supplier is listed as a covered supplier by Access America

BizPack Coverage:

With the Classic Plan, clients who have to cancel or interrupt their trip due to business reasons are covered for their loss when they purchase this optional coverage. Covered reasons are: required to work, business/ company merger, and business unsuitable due to fire, natural disaster or burglary. Coverage must be purchased within 14 days of the initial trip deposit/payment to make this feature effective.