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Published Oct 29, 2019
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The vibrant aromas of Indian spices and fresh-baked naan wafting through the air. The exotic banter at markets and the chilling growl of tigers prowling the national park. The breathtaking sights of world-renowned palaces and monuments, glimmering in the hot Indian sun. This country, full of mystery and wonder, will captivate and fulfill your senses like no other.
From ornate palaces and lush gardens to awe-inspiring monuments and ancient forts, India is mesmerizing. Gaze upon the magnificent marble domes and turrets of the Taj Mahal as the golden hues of sunrise tint this iconic structure a stunning rose color. Admire the intricate latticework of Hawa Mahal, a gorgeous palace resembling the honeycomb of a beehive. Marvel at the serene lakes, manicured gardens, and rolling sand dunes of Jaipur, appropriately known as the "Pink City" for the hue of its stucco structures. Behold the impressive Amber Fort, a sprawling complex of courtyards and halls that are decorated with paintings inlaid with precious stones. With an abundance of unique beauty waiting around every corner, there is so much to catch your eye.
Spice up your travels and taste your way through this incredibly delicious country. Savor the flavors and aromas of clove, cinnamon and ginger steaming from your cup of masala chai. Share High Tea with an Indian family in Agra, and learn about their everyday lives as you indulge in traditional delicacies. From hand-making and sampling fresh-baked chapati and naan to sharing a private, traditional dinner with a local family in Jaipur, you'll soon discover that India’s fragrantly spiced cuisine is made for every palate.
India's soundscape is a harmonious blend of nature, language, music and ceremony. Listen closely to the rumbling roar of majestic tigers, squealing of Indian Wild Boar, and hissing of snub-nosed marsh crocodiles emerging from Ranthambore National Park. Hear the boisterous bartering between vendors and buyers throughout Agra's lively markets and bazaars. Tune your ears to the melodious ragas resonating from Jaipur’s alleyways, or the soft chanting of mantras emanating from Varanasi's ghats in the early morning dawn and at dusk. Wherever your sense of adventure takes you, let the rhythm of India guide you, and you won't miss a beat.

A Taste of India
Savor India's Golden Triangle: Delhi, Agra & the Taj Mahal, then the pink city of Jaipur; plus Nepal optional extension
per person, double occupancy*