Published Oct 8, 2019
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Whether it's the history of colonial Cartagena, the intoxicating aroma of fresh blooms in Medellín, or the energetic spirit of Bogotá, visitors are captivated by Colombia's unique cities. From the high rise buildings and colonial churches to the tiled rooftops and ascending balconies bursting with color, these alluring cities make Colombia a bucket-list destination.
Bask in the sultry Caribbean climate of Cartagena, one of South America's oldest colonial cities. Founded in 1533, this ageless port city appears frozen in time. Discover Castillo de San Felipe, a fortress built by the Spanish to protect shipments of gold bound for Europe from plundering pirates. Enclosed in centuries-old colonial stone walls is Cartagena’s old town. Get lost in its labyrinth of cobblestone streets that open into lively plazas brimming with color. Blooming flowers spill over the balconies above, and beautiful buildings adorned with warm hues line the streets. Rich in history and culture, Cartagena’s timeless charm continues to impress the modern traveler.
Bogotá is the beating heart of Colombia, a vibrant capital nestled high in the Andes Mountains. Crowds fill the Botero Museum to view the works of the famous Fernando Botero. Locals pack the lively Paloquemao Market to purchase the same fresh produce that is sourced by many of the city's restaurants. Travelers gravitate to La Candelaria, a multicultural epicenter dotted with innovative restaurants, quaint hotels and entertaining bars. From the minute you step foot in this engaging city, you'll never want to leave.
Located in a narrow valley cradled by mountains, the "City of Eternal Spring" is best known for its temperate weather and colorful flowers. Learn about Medellín's silleteros, porters of the Colombian Andes. At one time, they carried goods, and even people, across difficult mountain passes with a silleta, a type of chair made to be carried on the back. Today, vendors and farmers haul wooden containers packed with beautifully colorful flowers down from the small village of Santa Elena to sell in Medellín's squares and markets. This level of determination is reflected in the city's industry and public-works projects, and it’s no wonder Medellín has grown to be the second largest city in Colombia.
Colorful Colombia
Explore the heart of Colombia and indulge in its fascinating culture and diverse ecosystems: bustling Bogotá; the verdant coffee-growing Pereira region; historic Medellín & colonial Cartagena
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