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Friendly Planet Travel is pleased to assist you with your travel plans no matter how big or small your needs may be.  Using this powerful search engine, you can search for hotels from among thousands of rates and locations. You are also able to search for air fares and car rentals from among tens of thousands of vendors worldwide who have their rates available for you to review.  Find just the right price and location to suit your needs.

What if I want to confirm multiple components (car & hotel, air & car or air & cruise)? If you wish to combine air with either a hotel stay or car rental, you should first search for your air fare. Once you have completed the air portion of your reservation, you will have the opportunity to add a hotel and/or a car rental by clicking the red "Add a hotel" or "Add a car" links shown under your confirmation number.

If you wish to combine your air, hotel and/or car reservation with a cruise, you should first search for and confirm your cruise and then complete your air, hotel and/or car reservations.

Upon completion of all reservations via this system, you will receive a confirmation email which will detail all of the information you entered as well as all components you have purchased. Within 24-72 hours, you will receive a second email to verify that all of the information in the confirmation email is accurate. To confirm that all information is accurate, respond to our email with the code number requested.

Friendly Planet Travel strongly encourages all of its customers to protect their travel investment from unexpected circumstances.  We are pleased to offer all customers making a reservation via this booking engine, the opportunity to purchase coverage for their trip from Travelex.