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Salem Evangelical Church
Tour to Israel

February 20 – March 2, 2007 • Hosted by Greg Hall

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Map of Israel Join Greg Hall and the Salem Evangelical Church family on a journey to the Land of the Bible, to see, touch, feel and really experience the land of Jesus, as it was in His time, and as it is today! Our itinerary is exciting and comprehensive, featuring the most important Biblical sites plus some special places not usually visited by Christian tour groups. If you have dreamed of understanding and experiencing more about the origins of our faith and want to visit the land where Jesus walked and ministered, we invite you to join us on this journey of Biblical discovery and spiritual renewal in Israel, Land of the Bible.

Detailed Itinerary

Tuesday, February 20: USA/Israel. Departure on the first leg of our overnight trip to Israel. Aloft, we will have dinner, a little sleep time, breakfast, and the opportunity to praise the Lord for His great creation from the vantage point of 35,000 feet!

Jerusalem Old City & Dome of the Rock Wednesday, February 21: Jerusalem. We arrive at Ben Gurion Airport where we are met by our guide. We'll pass through customs and then board our touring coach and head south to Jerusalem. Check in at our hotel, enjoy our first dinner in Israel and settle in for a well-deserved night's sleep after our long journey. Grand Court Hotel, Jerusalem Dinner provided.

Mount of Olives & Kidron Valley, Jerusalem Thursday, February 22: Jerusalem. After breakfast we'll begin our exploration of Jerusalem at the Mt. of Olives which has always been an important feature in Jerusalem's landscape. From before the time of Jesus until today, it has served as one of the main burial grounds for the city, and it is on its eastern slope, near Bethany, where Scripture indicates Jesus ascended to heaven.

Olive trees, Garden of Gethsemane
Garden of Gethsemane
We'll walk down into the Kidron Valley past Dominus Flevit (where Jesus wept over Jerusalem) where we enjoy a beautiful view of the city through its distinct chapel window, to the Church of All Nations and the Garden of Gethsemane, whose ancient olive trees have been estimated by some scholars to be two thousand years old. Then we continue to the Old City inside the walls, to St. Anne's, and the Pool of Bethesda. The pools at one time appeared to have been almost 30 feet deep and are sites of healing described by John in the New Testament.

Church of St. Anne, Jerusalem  © IMOT
Church of St. Anne, Jerusalem   © IMOT
St. Anne's is the best preserved Crusader built church in all of Israel, with perfect acoustics, making it a favorite stop for singing a hymn before setting off on the Via Dolorosa, the "Sorrowful Road" which traces Christ's path through the streets of Jerusalem to the basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, built over the Rock of Golgotha, or Calvary, where Jesus was crucified.

Fruit stall vendor  © Albatross/IMOT
Fruit stall vendor   © Albatross/IMOT
Stroll through the colorful bazaars of the Old City, where sunlight is often obscured by a vast array of clothing, food, spices and other tempting treasures. Our first day in Jerusalem ends at the Garden Tomb, where we'll celebrate our presence in the Land with a private Communion service. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Scale Model of Old Jerusalem Friday, February 23: Shrine of the Book, Old City Model & Herodium. After breakfast we'll drive to the New City of Jerusalem where we'll visit the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum. Here, the Dead Sea Scrolls are housed and exhibited in a special museum built to represent the clay jars in which the scrolls were discovered. We will also view an amazing model (scale 1:50) of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period, before its destruction by the Romans in 70 CE.

Herodium fortress mount & pool
Herodium fortress mount & pool
Continue to Herodium, the fortress Herod constructed as a luxurious close haven of safety that he could reach quickly from Jerusalem. Herod chose to be buried here although his tomb has not been found in the recent excavations. End the day at the Western Wall, where the faithful gather to welcome the Sabbath. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Saturday, February 24: Shiloh, Mt. Gerizim, Mt. Ebal & Shechem. This morning we'll drive north to Shiloh, where the Ark of the Covenant was placed after Joshua conquered the Land of Israel. Located in the area settled by the tribes of Benjamin and Ephraim, Shiloh became known as the "place of the Lord's Tabernacle " and where the Tabernacle stayed for 369 years. It was to Shiloh that the Israelites brought their sacrifices. It was at Shiloh that the priest Eli promised that Hannah would bear a son. That son, Samuel, became a prophet who dedicated himself to the Lord and served the Tabernacle in Shiloh.

Mt. Gerizim & Shechem  © BiblePlaces.com
Mt. Gerizim & Shechem   © BiblePlaces.com
Later we'll visit Shechem, located between Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Ebal. Shechem is preeminent in the biblical record, beginning with God's promise of the land to Abraham. Later Jacob would return here with his family and settle shortly. During the Conquest, the twelve tribes gathered on these hills to recite God's Law and the blessings and curses that accompanied obedience and disobedience. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Jerusalem's Western Wall  © FreeStockPhotos.com
Jerusalem's Western Wall   © FreeStockPhotos.com
Sunday, February 25: Jerusalem. Today our sightseeing in the Old City of Jerusalem continues, as we explore further our Christian heritage and its Jewish roots. Begin at the Western (Wailing) Wall, the most sacred spot in Jewish religious and national life. We'll explore the area around the Wall including the Western Wall Tunnels and the Temple Mount with the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque.

Southern wall excavations, Jerusalem  © FreeStockPhotos.com
Southern wall excavations, Jerusalem   © FreeStockPhotos.com
We'll also explore the Southern Wall excavations including the western flight of stairs leading to the main entrances of the Temple Mount. Excavators uncovered the easternmost part of this staircase with its alternating long and short steps. Some suggest that the fifteen long steps may have been one of the locations where pilgrims sang the fifteen Psalms of Ascent (120-34) as they went up to worship.

Jewish Quarter, Old City
Jewish Quarter, Old City   © IMOT
Walk through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City which occupies about 15 acres and has been inhabited by Jews for centuries. We'll visit the Temple Institute and tour its facility, and stop at Shorashim, everyone's favorite Old City shop, to greet Moshe & Dov and enjoy a special time of learning and dialogue. Continue to the Davidson Center to enjoy a rare opportunity to explore and study the most significant archaeological site in Israel by means of exhibitions and illustrations describing Jerusalem's main episodes. Dinner and overnight at our hotel. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Qumran  © FreeStockPhotos.com
Qumran   © FreeStockPhotos.com
Monday, February 26: Jerusalem, Qumran & Dead Sea. After breakfast, we say goodbye to Jerusalem as we drive south to Qumran, the famous caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. After a tour of the site, including remains of the palace, the lavish bathhouse and synagogue, we'll continue our drive to our hotel at the Dead Sea. Arrive in time for a float in the mineral-filled water before dinner or take advantage of the first-class spa facilities at our Dead Sea hotel. Novotel, Dead Sea Breakfast & dinner provided.

Funicular to Masada Tuesday, February 27: Masada, Ein Gedi Overlook, Beit She'an & Tiberias. This morning we'll ascend Masada via cable car and view the place where the Zealots made their last stand against Rome. Continue to Ein Gedi for a view of the beautiful oasis and David's Waterfall.

Ruins at Beit She'an, Israel Then drive north to Beit She'an, where we'll discover some of Israel's most spectacular archaeological finds. The site features a large amphitheater (with a capacity of about 7,000), a Byzantine era colonnaded street, ritual baths, a pottery workshop, a basilica, a Roman temple and much more. It was on the walls of Beit She'an that the Philistines hanged the bodies of King Saul and his sons after the crushing defeat on Mt. Gilboa. Continue to Tiberias and our Kibbutz guest house on the Sea of Galilee for dinner and overnight. Nof Ginossar Guest House Breakfast & dinner provided.

Mt. of Beatitudes
Mt. of Beatitudes   © my-holyland.com
Wednesday, February 28: Mt. of Beatitudes, Capernaum & Yardenit Baptism. After breakfast we'll drive to the northwest corner of the Sea of Galilee, to the place where the land rises from 700 feet below sea level to more than 200 feet above sea level in a conical shape that forms a natural amphitheater. This place, known as the Mt. of Beatitudes, has traditionally been identified as the hillside where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount and it's here where we'll spend time to pray and reflect.

Ancient Synagogue at Capernaum
Ancient Synagogue at Capernaum   © Doron Horowitz
Later, we'll walk down to Capernaum, one of the three cities cursed by Jesus for its lack of faith. Though Jesus grew up in Nazareth, he chose to move His teaching and healing ministry to the shores of the Sea of Galilee, primarily in the village of Capernaum on the shores of the Sea. In this village, Jesus attended synagogue and performed many miracles such as the cure of the man possessed by an evil spirit (Mark 1:23-26); the cure of Peter's mother in law, (Mark 1:29-31); and taking the money for taxes from the mouth of a fish (Matthew 17:24). Jesus frequented the village so much that Matthew 9:1 calls it His "own town". Later this afternoon we'll drive to Yardenit, a special site on the Jordan River, for a Baptism service for those who wish. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Galilee Boat Thursday, March 1: Ancient Boat Museum, Nazareth Village, Mt. Carmel, Caesarea & Tel Aviv. This morning we'll see the first century "Jesus Boat", found by members of Kibbutz Nof Ginossar after a drought in 1985 caused the water level in the Sea of Galilee to fall lower than usual, exposing this ancient boat.

Nazareth, Israel Continue to Nazareth, boyhood home of Jesus. Modern Nazareth is a busy city with a population of approximately 70,000 people. For nearly 2,000 years hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have found their way to the setting which shaped the Man who changed the course of history. Nazareth Village is located on the last remaining tract of virgin farmland, just 500 meters away from where he grew up. Here we'll have an opportunity to take a tour of the village and experience life as it must have been during the time of Jesus.

Aqueduct at Caesarea, Israel Next, we'll continue to Mukhraka on Mt. Carmel, where Elijah defeated the priests of Ba'al. Then drive south, via Megiddo, site of Biblical Armageddon, where 20 layers of civilization have been discovered. Continue to Caesarea, the magnificent harbor built by Herod the Great, where we'll tour the excavations of the harbor, theater and, aqueduct. Drive to Tel Aviv, modern center of Israel, on the Mediterranean Sea. Tonight we'll enjoy our final dinner in Israel. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel   © IMOT
Friday, March 2: Tel Aviv/Portland. Today we say a reluctant goodbye to Israel as we transfer to the airport for our return flight to the USA, via Frankfurt, arriving in Portland later today.

Included Features

• Flights from Portland via Lufthansa/United Airlines

• Accommodations in First Class & Superior Hotels, in twin-bedded rooms with private facilities

• Lavish buffet breakfast and table d'hote dinner daily plus lunch at Nazareth Village

• Transfers and touring are provided by modern, air-conditioned touring coaches, including all entrance fees to places visited in the itinerary

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Travel Insurance (optional, recommended): + $129


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About your tour host, Greg Hall

Greg is a business owner, Salem Evangelical Church Sunday School teacher, and part-time seminary student at Faith Seminary in Salem, OR. He loves Israel.

A message from you tour host, Greg Hall

Greg Hall at Tel Dan, Israel I've talked to hundreds people about Israel since my first trip to the Holy Land. I can usually tell who has already been there. They have a certain goofy smile about them. It's a smile that quietly says, "I'm sorry, but you'll never really know what a trip to Israel is like until you go there yourself." We've planned this trip for those who wonder what that smile is all about. I suppose we'll also get some repeat visitors too. You are welcome to tag along, but don't sign up unless you want to come back with that same goofy smirk. It's likely going to happen to you too! A trip like this could change your life forever.

No where else in the world has as much historical depth and modern significance. I invite you to join us and experience a trip to the Biblical locations you've read about for years. Come walk the land and experience the stories in their own context. Next February will be a time to break away from the everyday and experience God in a whole new way. I invite you to prayerfully consider this opportunity. Space is limited...so pray quickly!