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To Israel, With Love

Jerusalem, Megiddo, Masada, the Dead Sea & Sea of Galilee


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Itinerary at a Glance
Day Destination
1 Depart USA
2 Tel Aviv & Jaffa.
3 Caesarea, Megiddo
& Galilee
4 Sea of Galilee
5 Jordan Valley
& Dead Sea
6 Masada & Jerusalem
7 Jerusalem
8 Old City of Jerusalem
9 Old City of Jerusalem
10 Jerusalem
11 Jerusalem
12 Old City of Jerusalem/Depart Israel
13 Arrive USA
Style Custom Group
24 travelers max, dedicated tour escorts & guides throughout
Price Includes
  • Round trip airfare from Austin, TX via United Airlines, including fuel surcharges and taxes and fees
  • Private transfers with assistance on arrival and departure at Ben Gurion airport
  • Accommodations at superior first class hotels per itinerary
  • Full Israeli buffet breakfast and dinner daily plus 1 lunch, per itinerary
  • Transportation per itinerary via private deluxe a/c modern touring coach
  • Tips to guide, driver and hotel/restaurant staff
Highlights Jerusalem, Megiddo, Masada, the Dead Sea & Sea of Galilee

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Come explore Israel. To stand with Israel by standing in Israel continues as our basic credo while we offer a fresh look into an ancient land. Overcoming obstacles is a continuous struggle for the nation, yet the Covenant Promise remains true. Join us, whether you are returning as an experienced traveler to the Holy Land or expecting the blessing of a first time visit. Smile and begin to pack as we count the days until departure for a most unique trip. While looking toward Zion, we send Shalom from Texas.

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I just returned from the trip of a lifetime to Israel and Turkey! Thank you so very much for ensuring the best seats for me on the airplane to and from. They were very easy and gave me plenty of room to move around. I appreciate you making these seat assignments possible. Turkish Airlines is one that I would always recommend! The crew and service was great! Friendly Planet put together such a wonderful tour! Astounding!

Chris Simning

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Detailed Itinerary

Tel Aviv Day 1 - Saturday, Feb 2: Depart USA. Rise early for an exciting day! We have a morning flight to Newark with onward connection to Tel Aviv. This will be a day of anticipation, excitement and lifetime adventure.

Day 2 - Sunday, Feb 3: Tel Aviv & Jaffa. Morning arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. Our guide will meet us upon arrival, assist and escort us to our private touring coach. We’re off to Jaffa, ancient home of Simon the Tanner where Jonah began his maritime adventure. After a refreshing walk, we go to Independence Hall to share Israel’s jubilation at the 1948 historic vote when the nation was re-established after a 2000 year exile. We stop early for a much needed rest, with opportunities to walk, feel and experience the Mediterranean Sea. Dinner and overnight at Dan Panorama, Tel Aviv. Dinner provided.

Roman theater, Caesarea Day 3 - Monday, Feb 4: Caesarea, Megiddo & Galilee. Boarding our touring coach, we drive north along the Mediterranean Sea to Caesarea, Roman capital of Judea. Paul spoke eloquently to Agrippa here and departed toward Rome for his confrontation with Caesar. We enjoy an extended visit to the theater, ancient town, harbor and aqueduct. Visit to Mt. Carmel where we remember Elijah, the great prophet. We travel inland to Megiddo (Biblical Armageddon) and end our day with a visit to the Ancient Boat at our kibbutz. Overnight and dinner at Nof Ginossar. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Sea of GalileeDay 4 - Tuesday, Feb 5: Sea of Galilee. As our tour builds, today we blend eras. We begin with a Boat Ride on the Galilee, remembering the ministry of Jesus where He performed miracles and called His disciples. We walk through the ruins of Capernaum, the traditional home of Simon Peter, and synagogue where Jesus taught. Next, we head to Banias, ancient Caesarea Phillipi where the LORD declared His Identity. At Tel Dan, we find amazing evidence of the early Canaanite period. Time and weather permitting, we stop at Mt. Bental to see Syrian fortifications, understand the strategic nature of the Golan Heights and see the tank battleground. Overnight and dinner at Nof Ginnosar. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Swimming in the Dead Sea Day 5 - Wednesday, Feb 6: Jordan Valley & Dead Sea. Leaving the Galilee area, we head south via the Jordan Valley with our first stop at Bet She’an, an extraordinary Roman city. Continue to Qumron, community of the Essenes, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were hidden and found.

Continuing alongside the Dead Sea, we enjoy the Ein Gedi overlook and remember tales of Saul and David’s Mighty Men. Opportunity for spa services at our hotel. Dinner and overnight at Daniel Hotel, Dead Sea. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Day 6 - Thursday, Feb 7: Masdasa & Jerusalem. Masada!! No need to say more. Herod’s Desert Fortress! Books and movies tell the story but seeing is believing! The Temple has been destroyed and Zealots fled to the desert. After exploring the Zealot stronghold, we feel part of history as we walk down the ramp built under the Roman command of Flavius Silva, Roman general. After a short desert ride we have lunch at a Bedouin Oasis where the adventurous are invited to enjoy a Camel Ride. We now focus on the highlight of our trip. With a welcome and blessing, we prepare our heart for JERUSALEM! Walk down Mount of Olives. Overnight and dinner at Dan Panorama, Jerusalem. Breakfast, lunch & dinner provided.

Children Memorial, Yad VashemDay 7 - Friday, Feb 8: Jerusalem. Israel has a foundation built with broken hearts. Europe’s darkest days are never forgotten and become reality with a visit to Yad Vashem, Memorial to the Holocaust. Secondly, we walk through Mt. Hertzl where national leaders, heroes and the original Zionist dreamer, Theodore Hertzl are buried. After a shortened shopping period we return to the hotel before the sound of the Shofar. Shabbat Dinner at our hotel. Dan Panorama, Jerusalem. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Day 8 - Saturday, Feb 9: Old City of Jerusalem. Today we will explore the Old City of Jerusalem, accompanied by our tour host, Linda Smith. We begin our walking tour later in the morning and visit St. Anne’s Crusader Church with the Pools of Bethesda; Visit Ecce Homo with the Lithrostrotus and Struthian Pool. Lunch at Pizza Parlor. Dinner and overnight at Dan Panorama, Jerusalem. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Western Wall, JerusalemDay 9 - Sunday, Feb 10: Old City of Jerusalem. Today we see the Jewish Quarter where we visit the Tunnels and the Western Wall, the most sacred spot in Jewish religious and national consciousness, by virtue of its proximity to the Western Wall of the Holy of Holies in the Temple. Each step takes us further into Jerusalem’s history as we visit the Davidson Center, the Southern Steps, and move to the Original City of David. Overnight and dinner at Dan Panorama, Jerusalem. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Day 10 - Monday, Feb 11: Jerusalem. Before the Temple in Jerusalem, The Tabernacle stood for 369 years at Shiloh. It was here that Hannah prayed for a child. That son was Samuel. We experience serene quietness here before heading to the Community of Mt. Bracha. The town is situated where we can see both Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Ebal, mounts of blessings and curses. At Karnei Shomron, with the help of Christian Friends of Israel, we plant trees and join in fulfilling Jeremiah’s prophecy which foretells vineyards on the hills of Samaria. By doing so, we leave a part of ourselves behind. Dinner and overnight at Dan Panorama, Jerusalem. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Church of the Holy Sepulchur, JerusalemDay 11 - Tuesday, Feb 12: Jerusalem. Before 1948, Jewish pioneers worked and lived here. In the early 1920’s The Etzion Bloc was a thriving Judean community where perseverance and tenacity resettled the ancient land. The turmoil in this area continues even today. Herod, the great builder, has another legacy in the Cave of Machpelah, immortalized when Abraham purchased the field and cave to bury Sarah. Finally, we are amazed at the man-made mountain, Herodian, where his tomb was recently discovered . The mountain was also utilized during the Jewish Revolt. Dinner and overnight at Dan Panorama, Jerusalem. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Day 12 - Wednesday, Feb 13: Old City of Jerusalem. Our last morning is a final visit to the Old City of Jerusalem. We begin with a walking tour to the Church of the Holy Sepulchur, believed by millions to be the area of Jesus’ tomb. Crusaders fought for this church and it is without doubt the most revered Catholic Church on earth. No visit to Jerusalem will be complete without a visit to Shorashim where we meet and hear from Moshe Kempinski, author, speaker and worldwide friend to Jew and Christian. We’ll see the Temple Institute where instruments of the Third Temple are being readied and carefully prepared for use. We end our day with Communion and quiet time at the Garden Tomb. Return to the hotel for packing, and Farewell Dinner. Late evening transfer to Ben Gurion airport where we board our flight for return to USA. Breakfast & dinner provided.

Day 13 - Thursday, Feb 14: Depart Israel/Arrive USA. Arrival at Newark International airport, and then connecting flight to Austin, TX arriving later this morning.

Note: Tour itinerary is subject to change.

About Your Host

Jeremiah 31:5 "Again you will plant vineyards on the hills of Samaria. The planters will plant and will enjoy them."Linda Smith

Linda Smith lives in Austin, Texas where she continues in her 'day job' as Executive Assistant for the Supreme Court of Texas.

Her deeper calling is to the State of Israel where she has traveled and visited regularly over the past twenty-three years. God gave her an intense love for The Land and The Jewish people. She readily shares her own story with hope of giving personal insight into the region and its complicated existence. She is involved in her local church, a Christian-Jewish Coalition group, and committed to a weekly Torah study. She has lived in Jerusalem on two separate occasions, volunteering at Bridges for Peace and the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

Linda spent many summer vacations living in the Old City of Jerusalem at the Ecce Homo convent. From this unusual vantage point and situation, she has an extremely wide exposure to the people who live there, including the Jewish community, Arab Christians and Arab Muslims. She developed international friends and teachers who individually and collectively give her unique perspective to the momentous daily events. Linda's tours are planned with emphasis on Biblical, historical, and political events. She searches continuously for a broader perspective to share life experiences. In attempting to understand the middle east, it is imperative to see the people with their intermingled and tangled hopes and dreams. Her many years of involvement in Bible study confirm God's unconditional promise to the Jews and she firmly stands on this premise. She supports Israel, Jerusalem as its undivided capitol, and the unquestioned right of the original Chosen People to be in their land.

Contact Information

Linda Smith
3607 Palomar Lane
Austin, TX 78727
Cell: 512-422-1373