Special Interest Group Tours

What are Special Interest Group Tours? Can I join one?

Special Interest Group Tours are special educational or themed tours. These tours are sponsored and led by an organization such as a university, a travel club, a church or synagogue, or a family or group of friends or workers who always travel together.

Often, these tours are open to the public to join, but sometimes, they may be limited to members of the sponsoring group. If you would like to join one of these tours but aren't sure if the tour is available for open enrollment, or if you would like information about the sponsoring group, please call us at 800.555.5765. We'll gladly give you all the information you need.

What is the relationship between Friendly Planet and the tour sponsors?

Friendly Planet is a wholesale tour operator, retained by the sponsoring group to organize these tours. We create the itineraries, book flights & hotels, and arrange touring and guides according the request of the sponsors.

Can I organize my own Special Interest Tour?

Absolutely! If you can dream it, we can probably arrange it. Read more about our many custom & group tour package options, then talk to us!