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Flight Schedule
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Please refer to this information when making your domestic flight arrangements to your selected international gateway. The schedule below is provided as a guideline and is correct as of January 25, 2013. Changes to the schedule may occur at the discretion of the airlines at any time and are out of our control. Please do not book domestic flights before receiving final flight schedules from us. Since schedules can change—even after flights are confirmed and you've received your final schedule—we strongly suggest that you allow at least 3½ hours connecting time between flights.

To avoid problems with schedule changes, we recommend you arrive in your gateway city early in the day of your departure. If your schedule and budget permit, arriving the day before your scheduled departure is even better. You can relax knowing you are protected against most connection complications that might arise. You will need the time to navigate the various lines, security checks and duty free shops you'll encounter, and you can use the extra time once you've checked in for your flight to meet fellow Friendly Planet travelers at the gate.

If you are traveling mid-October to mid-November, please note that each year the airlines traditionally undergo flight schedule changes during this time when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends. We may only be notified of these schedule changes 60 days or less prior to your tour departure. If you are booking flights separately from your home city to connect with the included flights, we strongly suggest that you allow a 5–5½ hours connection time between these flights. This can help prevent any problems that may arise from unexpected airline schedule changes and prevent the unlikely event of missing your flight.

We recommend you make no payments for connecting airfare or any other outside services related to this tour, until your final payment due date. Airline schedules and flights are subject to change at anytime without notice. Friendly Planet Travel is neither responsible nor liable for any costs resulting from a change in airline schedules. This includes, but is not limited to: change or cancellation penalties incurred for tickets, international or domestic, not issued by Friendly Planet Travel; additional nights of hotel before, during, or after one of our tours; and additional airport transportation. Under no circumstances shall Friendly Planet Travel be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages arising from the foregoing. Friendly Planet Travel recommends that passengers reconfirm their flight times 72 hours prior to departure for all flights. Please review our Terms & Conditions.

Friendly Planet's toll-free number is 800-555-5765. The direct extension for our air department is 208.

Brussels Airlines' (SN) toll-free number is: 1-866-308-2230.

Sample Flight Schedule for May 11 - Oct 5, 2013 Departures

Flight From To Depart Arrive Flight Time
SN 502 JFK Brussels (BRU) 5:25 PM 6:50 AM (next day) 7.25 hrs
SN 453 BRU Nairobi (NBO) 10:50 AM 10:40 PM 10.50 hrs
Flight From To Depart Arrive Flight Time
SN 463 NBO BRU 11:40 PM 7:10 AM (next day) 8.30 hrs
SN 501 BRU JFK 10:25 AM 12:40 PM 8.15 hrs

Sample Flight Schedule for Nov 23 - Dec 14, 2013 Departures

Flight From To Depart Arrive Flight Time
SN 502 JFK Brussels (BRU) 5:15 PM 6:40 AM (next day) 7.25 hrs
SN 453 BRU Nairobi (NBO) 10:30 AM 11:25 PM 10.55 hrs
Flight From To Depart Arrive Flight Time
SN 463 NBO BRU 12:40 AM 7:25AM (same day) 8.45 hrs
SN 501 BRU JFK 10:30 AM 1:05 PM 8.35 hrs