Classical Greece by Sea

Athens, Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi & Corinth

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Cariathides of the Erechtheion, Acropolis, overlooking Athens
Caryatids of the Erechtheion, Athens
This is no ordinary cruise to the Greek Isles. Rather, this is an opportunity to really tour some of the greatest of classical treasures found in Greece. You'll visit Athens, Corinth, Olympia and Delphi, among other places, without wasting a moment driving the long stretches of highway between cities. Instead, you'll spend your days exploring each magical site and your nights, while you sleep, sailing to your next stop. By motor coach, you would have to spend at least 10 days or more to cover this much territory. But thanks to a novel approach to touring, created by easyCruise (from Stelios, founder of Europe's incredibly successful low cost airline, easyJet), you'll only need a week.

easyCruise Don't expect midnight buffets, casinos, or cabaret shows aboard easyCruise Life-but do prepare for an incredible itinerary at a fraction of the price you would pay under any other travel arrangements. And don't wait to jump on this deal. Space is very limited and on a first come, first served basis. And at these impossibly low prices, this amazing journey will sell out fast.

Cruise Itinerary at a Glance

Day Port of Call Arrive Depart
2 Piraeus, Athens Embark from 2 pm 1 am
3 Kiato, Mycenae
9:30 am 2:30 am
4 Patras, Olympia
8:30 am 3:30 am
5 Itea, Delphi
9 am 4 am
6 Corinth, Ancient Corinth & Nemea
9 am 9 pm
7 Nafplio, Epidavros
10:30 am 12:30 am
8 Piraeus & Athens
9:30 am Remain in port overnight
9 Piraeus & Athens Disembark by 9 am

*Guided shore excursions included in special optional touring package.

Detailed Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Depart USA. Your exciting journey to Athens, Greece, begins this evening as you check in for your OLYMPIC AIRWAYS overnight jet flight.

Day 2: Piraeus (Athens). Upon arrival, you'll be met by our representative and transferred to the cruise terminal in Piraeus, the city next to Athens, to board your ship, the easyCruise Life. Enjoy dinner and a welcome reception on board before setting sail on your Classical Greece adventure.

easyCruise offers an on board Classical Greece Cruise Coordinator to help you explore the sites of ancient Greece as the cruise unfolds. In addition, easyCruise also invites guest lecturers to accompany certain excursions to provide additional insight into the history and importance of the sites visited. You'll also find plentiful books and novels on board to browse and buy for more information and interest. Dinner provided.

Day 3: Kiato, Mycenae. Mycenae's rich history dates back to around 3000 BC, making it one of the longest inhabited and most fascinating regions in Greece. The highlight of today's full day optional shore excursion is a visit to the ancient citadel of Mycenae, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This site dates to between 1600 and 1100 BC and was the center of a powerful succession of rulers so famous that, today we refer to the Greek civilization at that time as Mycenaean civilization. After a leisurely lunch in a local restaurant, return to the port of Kiato for an evening at leisure (€50 per person, approximately USD $77). Breakfast & dinner provided.

Day 4: Patras, Olympia. Today, dock in the port of Patras, one of the major ports of Greece. Patras is the third largest city in Greece, with a rich historical heritage. The reconstructed Roman Odeon and the replica of the Original Patras lighthouse are some of the interesting attractions of the city.

Olympia ruins Nearby Olympia is best known as the birthplace of the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games, it is said, first began in 776 BC and their foundation marks the beginning of recorded history. Every four years envoys would be sent out from the sanctuary to announce the Olympic Games to the whole Greek world. All wars were stopped during the time of the games and everyone was allowed to travel in safety to participate and to watch. This place witnessed one of the largest gatherings of Greeks known to the ancient world and was also popular with the Roman emperors who liked to show off their prowess.

Artist's impression of Ancient Olympia Enjoy an optional full day shore excursion that provides a comprehensive overview of Olympia's rich history. Visit the stadium where the foot and chariot races were held. View the massive investment and preparation that went into hosting an event open to all the corners of the ancient world-the inns, gymnasiums and training grounds. Tour the sanctuary of Zeus to see some of the most imposing remains in Greece: the heavy dark stone columns of the Temple of Zeus raised high off the ground; the stoas and treasuries lining the sides of the sanctuary and the museum with its incredibly well preserved ancient sculpture, armour and athletic finds. The sanctuary was a notice board, a talking shop, a place of intense competition and prestige and over it all presided one of the seven wonders of the ancient world: the gold and ivory statue of a seated Zeus, placed inside his temple, made by the great sculptor Pheidias. The statue was said to be so tall that if Zeus ever decided to stand up, he would take the roof of his temple up with him into the sky (60 per person, approximately USD $92). (B, D)

Day 5: Itea, Delphi. Today, stop at the modern port of Itea, near the ancient port where visitors to the oracle of Delphi used to arrive and make their way up the mountainside to the sanctuary. Near Itea is the seaside town of Galaxidi, with relaxed bars, restaurants and beaches. But not to be missed is the journey through one of the largest olive groves in Europe up into the Parnassos mountains to the sanctuary of Delphi.

Ruins at Delphi The sanctuary is in one of the most mountainous areas of Greece, and in ancient times, cut off in winter by the snow and at the end of a long and arduous journey at all other times. Yet despite its remote location, it was known as the centre of the ancient world. Mythology tells us that Zeus let go of two eagles at opposite ends of the world and they met over Delphi. It was a sanctuary dedicated to the god Apollo and contained his most famous oracle: the Pythian Priestess who would, when consulted, go into a frenzy inspired by the God and give his pronouncements on the future. It was said that mystical vapours appeared from a chasm underneath the ground of the temple-a chasm which has been found today and tested by geologists. There is fierce debate about its use.

Ruins at Delphi, Greece But the power of the oracle in the ancient world was never in doubt as the richest and most powerful rulers of the ancient world came often to Delphi to seek the advice and wisdom of the oracle. Delphi has earned the ranking of UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beauty, grandeur and importance to the ancient world. Explore this site in depth on today's half day optional shore excursion (40 per person, approximately USD $62). Breakfast & dinner provided.

Corinth canal Day 6: Corinth. The easyCruise Life negotiates its way through the Corinth Canal, cut through solid rock 23 metres wide, 87 m deep and over 6 kilometres in length, linking the Ionian and Aegean seas. The canal is a magnificent feat of human engineering, begun by the Emperor Nero in 67 AD, but not completed until 1893. Transit the canal during daylight hours on Monday morning before arriving in Corinth and again on Friday morning on your return to Athens.

Ruins of Apollo Temple, Corinth Upon arrival in Corinth, disembark and explore ancient Corinth and Nemea on a guided tour that includes a visit to one of the finest wine producing areas of Greece, or explore on your own. The ancient city of Corinth was once the rival of Athens for supremacy in mainland Greece, before finally displacing Athens as the capital during Roman times. During this period, St Paul lived and preached here for almost two years. Visit the magnificent ancient remains of the city, including one of the oldest standing temples in Greece and see how the Romans rebuilt Greek cities to suit their own style.

Heracles struggling with the Nemean lion Mythology has it that in the nearby sanctuary of Nemea, Heracles, the greatest of all Greek heroes, battled with a lion sent by the goddess Hera. This lion would have destroyed the sanctuary and its settlement had Heracles not defeated it, transforming it into the constellation we now know as Leo. The sanctuary became one of the four great pan Hellenic sanctuaries of ancient Greece, with its own athletic games to rival the ones at Olympia. Imagine the huge animal sacrifices carried out here as you stand looking at its 41m long altar. Visit the museum to learn about the sanctuary, located between Corinth and Argos, the two great rival powers that fought constantly over it.

Vineyard in Nemea
Vineyard in Nemea
Nemea is also one of the finest wine producing regions of Greece-particularly of red wine. Here the Agiorghitiko grape is used and produces wines famous for their deep red color, complex aroma and long, velvety palate, and you'll enjoy an opportunity to taste while you tour (35 per person, approximately USD $55). Breakfast & dinner provided.

Day 7: Nafplio, Epidavros. Epidavros was built to honor Asklepeios, the god of healing. Today's optional shore excursion explores the Sanctuary of Askleipios at Epidavros, famed for its marvelous ancient theatre with astounding acoustics. Pausanias, traveling in the 2nd Century AD, was full of praise for its symmetry and beauty. Many a visitor has climbed to the top row of the theatre to marvel at the sound that travels from the stage area. Beautifully situated in a lush green landscape, several people set out for Epidavros in the summer months to watch plays, mainly Ancient Greek tragedies and comedies (30 per person, approximately USD $46). Breakfast & dinner provided.

The Parthenon in Athens Day 8: Piraeus, Athens. Arrive this morning in Athens, the "cradle of democracy." There's plenty of time today to explore the city-most of the ancient sites are within easy reach, and when you've had your fill of culture, there are always the local tavernas, cafes, bars and clubs!

Young musician in Athens
Young musician, Athens
To maximize your time in Athens, we recommend today's optional shore excursion. This tour takes you first heart of the ancient city, the Acropolis, the political and religious centre of Ancient Greece, where you'll find the Parthenon, one of the most important ancient monuments in the Western world. After lunch in Plaka, the picturesque center of "old" Athens, continue to the National Archaeological Museum. It is full of captivating artifacts, many from sites that you will have visited earlier on in the tour (60 per person, approximately USD $92). Breakfast & dinner provided.

Day 9: Athens/USA. Disembark early this morning and bid farewell to Greece as you transfer to the airport for your return flight to the US. Your journey comes to an end as you arrive in the USA later today. Or, take advantage of an optional Athens Extension. Breakfast provided.

Optional Extension to Athens

Why not take advantage of your already included airfare and extend your stay in Greece to explore the capital city of Athens? Our extension includes accommodations in a centrally located, superior class hotel, breakfast daily, and transfers!

3-Night Extension Itinerary
(Oct-Dec departures)

Day 9-12: Athens/USA. Enjoy three full days at leisure to explore Athens, the birthplace of western civilization. You'll be met by our representative at the port and escorted to your hotel overlooking the Acropolis and within short distance of Constitution Square and the famous Plaka (Old Town). You'll have plenty of time to delve into Athens' rich history and vibrant cultural attractions. Your hotel is ideally located in the heart of the city, close to many major attractions, as well as the best shopping and dining. Be sure to spend an evening at the Plaka, where you'll find typical Greek tavernas complete with music and celebratory throwing of plates. It's an experience not to be missed! Titania Hotel or similar Breakfast provided.

2-Night Extension Itinerary
(Feb-March departures)

Day 9-11: Athens/USA. Enjoy two full days at leisure to explore Athens, the birthplace of western civilization. You'll be met by our representative at the port and escorted to your hotel overlooking the Acropolis and within short distance of Constitution Square and the famous Plaka (Old Town). You'll have plenty of time to delve into Athens' rich history and vibrant cultural attractions. Your hotel is ideally located in the heart of the city, close to many major attractions, as well as the best shopping and dining. Be sure to spend an evening at the Plaka, where you'll find typical Greek tavernas complete with music and celebratory throwing of plates. It's an experience not to be missed! Titania Hotel or similar Breakfast provided.

Special Optional Tours Package

$299 per person if pre-booked

To take full advantage of your Classical Greece adventure, we offer a discounted package of the six optional shore excursions on this cruise.

Optional Tours Package includes:

  • Full day tour of citadel of Mycenae including lunch at local restaurant (Day 3)
  • Full day tour of Ancient Olympia, including lunch (Day 4)
  • Half day tour Delphi (Day 5)
  • Half day tour of Ancient Corinth and Nemea (Day 6)
  • Half day tour of the Sanctuary of Askleipios in Epidavros (Day 7)
  • Fully day tour of Acropolis and National Archeological Museum in Athens, including lunch in the Plaka (Day 8)

The special package price of $299 per person is available when booked and prepaid prior to departure. If you don't want to book the entire package, individual optional tours will be available for booking aboard the easyCruise Life.

Important Note: While the optional shore excursions are suitable for most travelers, certain excursions are not recommended for passengers who have difficulty walking. In particular, the tours in Mycenae, Delphi, and the Acropolis take place on very hilly terrain. In addition, while there is an elevator aboard the ship, embarking and disembarking each day may be difficult for people with limited mobility. Please take this into consideration before making your reservation. If you have questions regarding accessibility, please contact us.

About your ship, easyCruise Life

easyCruise Life  � easyGroup
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The sleek and newly refurbished easyCruise Life has one purpose in mind: exploring Greece. Embodying an entirely new concept in cruising, the easyCruise Life sails for just a few hours each day, arriving early at each destination so that you can enjoy the rest of the day and evening (until the early hours) ashore. With nine decks and a passenger capacity of 550, easyCruise Life is a midsize cruise ship with an array of amenities that reflect that of a superior class hotel.

Spanning four decks, the standard outside cabins on easyCruise Life feature a unique and ultra-modern minimalist design. All cabins are equipped with air-conditioning, crisp white linens, private bathroom, and wardrobe. Click here for information about your ship.

Destination FAQs

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