PriceLock Deposit

Only available on some of our tours & packages that include flights from the U.S.

After you complete your reservation, your package price can sometimes still change. In particular, until tickets are issued or we receive final payment, airfare is subject to change due to increases in air surcharges and/or government-imposed taxes and fees such as foreign departure taxes and airport fees. If such an increase occurs, your package price will increase accordingly, and we will notify you immediately via email. (More about our prices.)

If you want to avoid price increases, we offer the option to pay a PriceLock Deposit, available on select packages. This is a larger deposit that allows us to issue your air tickets immediately. This doesn't increase the cost of your package, just how much you pay up-front.

Selecting our PriceLock Deposit only locks in your international airfare from the U.S., the largest and most common source of price changes. Though very rare, prices could also increase slightly due to government-imposed taxes and fees or other components, even after you make your final payment. So selecting our PriceLock Deposit should not be considered an absolute guarantee that your package price won't change.

Nevertheless, our PriceLock Deposit provides great peace of mind that the price you see when you reserve will be the price you'll pay, especially if you're booking a package that doesn't depart for several months. But it's not for everybody. Our deposits are non-refundable, and, as with most airfare purchases, tickets are non-refundable and unchangeable once issued. Modifications to your booking that affect your flights could incur penalties up to the full cost of your ticket. So if you might need to change your booking or won't be able to travel, we suggest you pay only our standard deposit instead. We also strongly recommend Travel Insurance to protect your travel investment.

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