Fast Facts: Swaziland

What is the weather like in Swaziland?

Swaziland's climate is very moderate, ranging from subtropical to temperate depending on the altitude. June through September are cool and dry. October through May tend to be warm and wet. Take a sweater for evenings and elevations.

What is required for entry into Swaziland?

U.S. and Canadian citizens need a valid passport, proof of onward passage and proof of sufficient funds.

Are there any health precautions I should take?

Malaria is present in Swaziland. See your doctor about obtaining Malaria suppressants and vaccinations for cholera, typhoid and hepatitis. There is a high incidence of AIDS in Swaziland. Avoid swimming in the freshwater rivers and lakes, parasites are present.

Center for Disease Control:
World Health Organization:

What is the currency?

The currency in Swaziland is the Lilangeni. One American dollar is worth approximately 6 Lilangeni.

Tipping- Tip 10% in restaurants. Tipping taxis is not necessary.

What are the best items to shop for in Swaziland?

Shop for carvings, beadwork, calabashes, drums, battle axes, walking sticks, batiks, mats, gemstones, potter, artificial flowers made from natural materials, clothing, and caftans.

What are the voltage requirements in Swaziland?

Voltage: 230 V; Plug M. You will need a voltage converter, and plug adapter in order to use U.S. appliances. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit. Click here for more information about electrical standards around the world.

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