Fast Facts: Moorea

Below are some of the most common questions from our travelers.

Do I need a passport? What is required for entry?
What is the weather like?

In French Indonesia, daily temperatures run in the 70's and 80's almost all-year-round. December-February is the hottest, most humid and rainiest time. The months of May-November tend to have the lowest rainfall and are around 10 degrees cooler.

For an updated forecast in French Polynesia, click here.

What is required for entry?

U.S. and Canadian citizens need a valid passport, proof of onward passage and sufficient funds.

Are there any health precautions I should take?

Mosquitoes are plentiful in French Polynesia but they do not carry malaria. Take along insect repellant to protect against dengue fever. Vaccinations against hepatitis are recommended, and a vaccination against rabies is also recommended.

CDC Website link:
WHO website link:

What is the currency?

Moorea's currency is the Pacific franc. Click here for updated currency information on the franc.

Are tips & service charges customary?

Tipping goes against the Polynesian notion of hospitality, but as tourism grows, tipping is becoming more and more accepted, although not expected. It is recommended that you take along little things such as T-shirts or caps to thank those who have assisted you.

Can I take my cell phone?

See our blog post on using your cell phone abroad.