Fast Facts: Colombia

What is the weather like in Colombia?

The climate is tropical along the coast and eastern plains and cold in the highlands. Colombia is located on the equator so there is no change in seasonality. Cities along the Atlantic coast are hot and humid, while some cities in the Andes such as Bogota and the Coffee Triangle region have spring-like weather year round with cool temperatures at night.

Check out the current weather conditions in Colombia.

What is required for entry into Colombia?

See our Visa page for information on passports and visas to Colombia.

Are there any health precautions I should take?

There are no health precautions or requirements to enter Colombia.

Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization

What is the currency?

The currency in Colombia is the Colombian peso. Please review the current exchange rate for the Colombian peso. Most banks and money changes will accept major world currencies such as the US dollar.

ATMs: ATMs are widely available.
Tipping: Add 10% to the bill in restaurants, except where a service charge has been included.

What are the best items to shop for in Colombia?

Colombia is the #1 producer of Emeralds in the world, and there are many places to buy certified emeralds that can be brought into the USA. Another common item tourists shop for in Colombia is the mochila, a traditional, hand-woven Colombian bag, normally worn over the shoulder that comes in three sizes. Handicrafts such as jewelry and leather products are commonly sold in markets and on street corners.

What are the voltage requirements in Colombia?

Voltage: 110 V; Plug A & B. View more information about electrical standards around the world.

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